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A wide and comprehensive range of dictionaries and thesauruses based on authoritative sources that provide a wealth of linguistic information. These are specifically designed to meet the needs of various users—general readers, students, teachers, adult learners, and writers. The OUP range of dictionaries includes learner's dictionaries such as the bestselling Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary and numerousreference dictionaries such as the hugely popular and acclaimed Concise Oxford English Dictionary. Oxford's range of school dictionaries are specially graded to help students gain proficiency in English at various levels. Oxford also includes a range of bilingual dictionaries including those in regional Indian languages published by OUP India. For readers with an interest in a particular subject area, OUP offers a large number of subject dictionaries in an accessible style. Oxford also offers a range of valuable online products.

Gateways to...
OED Online

OED Online

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is widely regarded as the accepted authority on the English ...
Oxford Eng. Corpus

Oxford Eng. Corpus

A corpus is a collection of texts of written (or spoken) language presented in electronic form. It ...
Anagram & Cross Words Solver

Anagram & Cross Words Solver

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Oxford Word Blog

Oxford Word Blog

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Featured Titles
  • English-English-marathi Dictionary by Dr. R. V. Dhongde
  • Compact English-English-Oriya Dictionary by B. K. Tripathy
  • Oxford English-English-tamil Dictionary by Jayadevan V. & Murugan V
  • Oxford English-English-Hindi Dictionary by Dr R N Sahai & Dr S Kumar
  • Essential English-English-Hindi-Hindi Dictionary by Dict  & Oxford Dictionaries
  • English-Hindi Students Dictionary (New) by Sahai  R.N.  & S.K. Verma
  • English-marathi Dictionary N/E by Dhongde  R.V.(Ed)
  • English-English-Oriya Dictionary by Tripathi  B.K. & Patnaik  K.M.(Ed)
  • Oxford English-Hindi Dict N/E by Verma  S.K. & Sahai  R.N. (Ed)
  • Hindi-English Dictionary by Mcgregor R.S.(Ed)
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