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Handbook of Human Development: Concepts, Measures, and Policies by A.K. Shiva Kumar

Handbook of Human Development: Concepts, Measures, and Policies

14 Jan 2009
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Human development assumes a special significance in today's world of increasing affluence, expanding technological innovations, and rapid globalization. Defined as an enhancement of capabilities and an expansion of freedoms, the perspective is particularly critical as we collectively think of solutions to end global poverty, promote human security, and establish a just and peaceful society for all.
This handbook contains key readings by eminent experts who have shaped the concept and practice of human development over the past fifteen years.
This handbook deals with:
  • The evolution of the human development approach
  • Concepts, measures, and policy perspectives on human development
  • Global measures to tackle human poverty and promote human security and human rights
  • The role of democracy and multiculturalism for human progress

  • Based on the Human Development Reports and with contributions of well known development experts, this handbook will be useful to students, researchers, policymakers, NGOs, economists, and professionals.

    A.K. Shiva Kumar a development economist, teaches economics and public policy and is Adviser to UNICEF India. He is also Visiting Professor, Institute for Human Development, New Delhi, and Member of its Board of Governors.

    Sakiko Fukuda-Parr Professor of International Affairs, The New School, New York. She served as Director of the Human Development Report Office between 1995 and 2004.

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