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Multiculturalism, Liberalism and Democracy by R. Sudarshan

Multiculturalism, Liberalism and Democracy

12 Sep 2007
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The last few decades have witnessed a shift towards a more balanced view in political theory and social science, one that acknowledges the cultural dimension of politics and the political dimension of culture. The essays in this volume reflect this shift by bringing together a number of inter-related themes of the multicultural perspective, such as the need for a stable identity; the link between identity, recognition, and cultural community; and the importance of belonging and cultural particularity. Significant questions are raised and discussed: What does it mean to recognize cultural communities? How can multiculturalism be prevented from being hierarchical and authoritarian? Can it be made liberal and democratic?

This volume will be useful to students and scholars of philosophy, politics, history, sociology, and anthropology.

‘…a congregation of philosophers, political theorists, economists, students of local cultures and historians… This wide canvas makes the book extremely readable.' —The Telegraph
‘[This book will be] useful for anyone who wants to understand politics in contemporary societies.' —Economic and Political Weekly
‘This comprehensive volume stands out for the complexity of issues with which it deals. The theoretical rigour of most of its contributors is also highly commendable.' —The Book Review

R. Sudarshan Governance Adviser, Regional Centre, United Nations Development Programme, Bangkok.

Amiya Kumar Bagchi is First Chancellor, Tripura Central University and Director, Institute of Development Studies Kolkata.

Rajeev Bhargava Director, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi. He is the author of Individualism in Social Science: Forms and Limits of a Methodology (Clarendon Press, 1992; Oxford University Press, 2008). His edited volumes include Secularism and Its Critics (1998) and Politics and Ethics of the Indian Constitution (2008), both by Oxford University Press.

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