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Diamond Award for OUP India (Wednesday, Dec 24, 2014)

The Federation of Publishers' & Booksellers' Association in India (FPBA) presented OUP India with the 'Diamond Award' in recognition of its distinguished services to the Indian books and publishing ...
Oxford University Press targets India’s English-learning aspirants (Thursday, Nov 27, 2014)

Read the online version www.thehindubusinessline.com/industry-and-economy/education/oxford-university-press-targets-indias-englishlearning-aspirants/article6640471.ece
Ranjan Kaul writes for Great Place to Work (Monday, Nov 17, 2014)

Interview - Ranjan Kaul, Financial Express (Monday, Jun 16, 2014)

Digital/online publishing in India is still at a nascent stage, but with steady proliferation of digital devices and improved online connectivity, it is expected to grow rapidly. In this interview, ...
World Literacy Summit 2014 to tackle global literacy crisis (Friday, Apr 11, 2014)

New Delhi, April 11: Three hundred international delegates will descend on Oxford next week (14 -16 April) to tackle illiteracy at home and abroad.
Statement on Legal case: Delhi University and Rameshwari Photocopy Shop October 2 2013 (Wednesday, Oct 2, 2013)

  Statement on Legal case: Delhi University and Rameshwari Photocopy Shop October 2, 2013  
OXFORD EDUCATE wins IDA AWARDS 2013 (Friday, Sep 13, 2013)

OUP India's digital aid OXFORD EDUCATE wins IDA AWARDS 2013 for Digital Content and Software in Education  
English-English-Bengali Dictionary (Friday, Aug 2, 2013)

Oxford University Press launches 'English-English-Bengali Dictionary'  
Newsletter (Monday, Jun 24, 2013)

Word- Monthly Newsletter from Oxford University Press India for Language Learners and Teachers