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CMOS Analog Circuit Design, International Edition, 3/e  by Phillip E. Allen

CMOS Analog Circuit Design, International Edition, 3/e

03 Oct 2013
608  Pages
Price:  650.00
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Respected authors Phil Allen and Doug Holberg bring you the third edition of their popular textbook, CMOS Analog Circuit Design. Working from the forefront of CMOS technology, Phil and Doug have combined their expertise as engineers and academics to present a cutting-edge and effective overview of the principles and techniques for designing circuits. Their two main goals are:

  • to mix the academic and practical viewpoints in a treatment that is neither superficial nor overly detailed
  • to teach analog integrated circuit design with a hierarchically organized approach

Most of the circuits, techniques, and principles presented in CMOS Analog Circuit Design come directly from the authors' industrial experience, making the book a valuable resource for both practicing engineers and students taking courses in analog electronics or CMOS analog design.


The trademark approach of Phil and Doug's textbook is its design recipes, which take readers step-by-step through the creation of real circuits, explaining and demystifying complex design problems. The book provides detailed coverage of often-neglected areas and deliberately leaves out bipolar analog circuits, since CMOS is the dominant technology for analog integrated circuit design. Appropriate for advanced undergraduates and graduate students with background knowledge in basic electronicsincluding biasing, modeling, circuit, analysis, and frequency responseCMOS Analog Circuit Design, Third Edition, presents a complete picture of design (including modeling, simulation, and testing) and enables readers to undertake the design of an analog circuit that can be implemented by CMOS technology.

The greatest strength of the book is that it provides a clear learning path-from device, technology, and modeling, to building blocks, subcircuits, and applications.

-Yun Chiu, University of Texas, Dallas 

Best CMOS analog IC book.

-Dong S. Ha, Virginia Tech 

The coverage on SPICE simulations and layout issues is a welcome addition and makes the book unique from others.

-Eun Sok Kim, University of Southern California

Senior Undergraduate or first-year graduate students in electrical and computer engineering.

  • An updated Chapter 2 that reflects the latest technology on twin-well shallow-trench-isolation CMOS
  • Expanded coverage of such topics as frequency response, feedback, distortion, noise, bootstrapped voltage references, and photosensitivity
  • A new appendix on layout techniques
  • An extensive instructor ancillary package, including online resources, making this text the perfect choice for lecture-based, online, or hybrid managerial economics courses

Chapter 1. Introduction and Background
Chapter 2. CMOS Technology
Chapter 3. CMOS Device Modeling
Chapter 4. Analog CMOS Subcircuits
Chapter 5. CMOS Amplifiers
Chapter 6. CMOS Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 7. High-Performance CMOS Op Amps
Chapter 8. Comparators

Phillip E. Allen is Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Douglas R. Holberg  is a Technical Consultant and the former founder, CTO, and V.P. of Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.