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Dalit Theology in the Twenty-first Century: Discordant Voices, Discerning Pathways by Sathianathan Clarke

Dalit Theology in the Twenty-first Century: Discordant Voices, Discerning Pathways

15 Sep 2010
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Has Dalit Theology reached an impasse since its early burst of creative energy in the late eighties and early nineties? Transcending the boundaries of academic disciplinarity, this volume underscores new directions and concerns of contemporary Dalit Theology.
The essays challenge the several stereotypical assumptions and re-examine the ways in which Dalit realities are imagined, interpreted, and circulated in different ecclesial communities across India. They advocate new frameworks and methodologies for understanding Dalit Theology and also raise subversive questions arising out of subaltern experiences.
The volume highlights how–despite its proud entry into the post-colonial, politically democratic, twenty-first century–India continues to straddle structural inequalities and functional hierarchies based on its age-old caste system. It also looks at various Dalit, movements that struggle against insidious forms of caste-, class-, ethnicity-, and religion-based violence and violation.
Sathianathan Clarke - Geevarghese Mor Coorilos - Joseph Prabhakar Dayam - L. Jayachitra - Anderson H.M. Jeremiah - Lalruatkima - Deenabandhu Manchala - Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon - Prasuna Gnana Nelavala - Surekha Nelavala - Philip Vinod Peacock - Evangeline Anderson Rajkumar - Peniel Jesudason Rufus Rajkumar - Roja Singh - Y.T. Vinayaraj

Combining Dalit theology with feminism, subaltern studies, postmodernism and biblical interpretation, this volume will be of considerable interest to students and scholars of sociology, gender studies, religion, and Dalit Politics.

Sathianathan Clarke Bishop Sundo Kim Chair in World Christianity and Professor of Theology, Culture and Mission at the Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington DC, USA.

Deenabandhu Manchala Executive Secretary in the programme area of Unity, Mission, Evangelism, and Spirituality, World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland.

Philip Vinod Peacock Associate Professor at Bishop's College, Kolkata, India.