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Strength of Materials (Au): Theory and Problems, 1/e  by R. Subramanian

Strength of Materials (Au): Theory and Problems, 1/e

Author(s): R. Subramanian
15 Dec 2009
560  Pages
Price:  295.00
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Strength of Materials: Theory and Problems is specially designed as a textbook for students of mechanical, automobile, mechatronics, and production engineering.
"Beginning with an introduction to the basic concepts of stresses and strains, and deformation of solids, the book moves through discussions on loads and stresses on a beam, torsion, and beam deflection. It then discusses columns and analysis of stresses in two dimensions. The book also deals with strain energy concepts and their applications. The book provides an exhaustive coverage of important topics such as temperature stresses, elastic constants, bending moments, shear forces, and the theory of simple bending. It includes analysis and design of shafts—stepped, indeterminate, and compound, close- and open-coiled helical springs, Euler equations and Rankine's formula for columns, and Mohr's circle. "

"•Provides a large number of worked-out examples with step-by-step procedures
•Presents a large number of detailed illustrations to support the text
•Reinforces theoretical concepts with a large number of review questions, short answer questions, and problems with answers at the end of the book
•Offers useful tables both in the text and appendices for ready reference
•Includes model question papers "

List of Symbols
1. Stress, Strain, Deformation of Solids
2. Beams—Loads and Stresses
3. Torsion
4. Beam Deflection
5. Columns
6. Analysis of Stresses in Two Dimensions
Appendix 1: SI Units and Conversion Factors
Appendix 2: Mathematical Formulae For Areas and Volumes
Appendix 3: Centroids and Moments of Inertia
Appendix 4: Material Properties
Appendix 5: Simply Supported Beam Formulae
Appendix 6: Answers to Short Answer Questions and Problems
Model Question Papers

R. Subramanian retired as Professor and Head of the Civil Engineering Department of the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chandigarh. He has over 35 years of experience in teaching subjects such as applied mechanics, strength of materials, theory of structures, and other related subjects to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has worked for several years in the areas of teacher training, curriculum development, instructional design, and instructional material development.  Prof. Subramanian has also authored Strength of Materials, Surveying and Levelling and Strength of Materials: Theory and Problems, all published by OUP, India.