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Food and Beverage Service, 1/e  by R. Singaravelavan

Food and Beverage Service, 1/e

06 Jul 2011
716  Pages
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Food and Beverage Service is a comprehensive textbook designed to cater to the needs of the students of degree/diploma courses of hotel management and certificate courses of food craft institutes. It covers all aspects of the food and beverage department (F&B), as required by the syllabi of hotel management courses.

Divided into six parts, Part I begins with an introduction to the food service industry and includes a discussion on the equipment used, types of service, and the employment opportunities. Part II discusses the essential menu knowledge that all professionals in this field must have, along with the ways to plan the menu well. Part III includes the procedures of service as also the methods for order taking and billing. Part IV discusses alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and tobacco, while Part V elucidates the service operations in a cellar and a bar. The last part, Part VI, discusses catering for various functions, supervisory roles, customer relationship management, and food safety.

With its up-to-date coverage and practice-oriented approach, the book would also be helpful to professionals for carrying out training programmes in the industry.

·        Illustrates the key concepts with the help of photographs of various table layouts and other services, colour plates, sample menus, and side bars

·        Discusses the duties and responsibilities of the F&B staff

·        Provides a detailed description of the various types of wines, non-alcoholic beverages, guéridon service, and specialized service skills for breakfast, afternoon tea, brunch, and so on

·        Includes the French terms used for the various staff members, menu, and dishes

Part I: Introduction to Food & Beverage Service 
Chapter 1. Food Service Industry 
Chapter 2. Food and Beverage Staff of Hotel 
Chapter 3. Food Service Equipment 
Chapter 4. Ancillary Sections 
Chapter 5. Styles of Food Service 
Part II: Menu Knowledge and Planning 
Chapter 6. Menu 
Chapter 7. Cover and Accompaniments for Selected Dishes 
Chapter 8. French and Culinary Terms 
Chapter 9. Menu Planning
Part III: Food Service 
Chapter 10. Preparing the Restaurant-Before and After the Service 
Chapter 11. Service Procedure 
Chapter 12. Breakfast 
Chapter 13. Brunch and Afternoon Tea 
Chapter 14. Room Service 
Chapter 15. Guéridon Service 
Chapter 16. Order Taking and Billing Methods 
Chapter 17. Handling Situations
Part IV: Beverages and Tobacco 
Chapter 18. Non-Alcoholic Beverages 
Chapter 19. Alcoholic Beverages 
Chapter 20. Wine 
Chapter 21. Winemaking 
Chapter 22. Fortified Wines 
Chapter 23. Vermouth and Bitters 
Chapter 24. Wines of France 
Chapter 25. Wines of Italy 
Chapter 26. Wines of Germany 
Chapter 27. Wines of Spain and Portugal 
Chapter 28. Wines of the USA, Australia, and Other Countries 
Chapter 29. Food and Wine 
Chapter 30. Beer 
Chapter 31. Cider and Perry 
Chapter 32. Whisky 
Chapter 33. Brandy 
Chapter 34. Gin 
Chapter 35. Rum 
Chapter 36. Vodka 
Chapter 37. Tequila and Mezcal 
Chapter 38. Other Spirits 
Chapter 39. Liqueurs and Eaux-de-vie 
Chapter 40. Service of Alcoholic Beverages 
Chapter 41. Cocktails and Mocktails 
Chapter 42. Tobacco 
Part V: Cellar and Bar Operations 
Chapter 43. Cellar 
Chapter 44. Bar Operations 
Part VI: Ancillary Functions 
Chapter 45. Function Catering 
Chapter 46. Supervisory Function 
Chapter 47. Customer Relationship Management 
Chapter 48. Food Safety and Environmental Concerns 

R. Singaravelavan is Principal, State Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Thuvakkudi, Tiruchirappalli . He has over 30 years of teaching and training experience in food and beverage service and has worked with many renowned hotels including Hotel Taj Mahal Intercontinental, Mumbai. He is the chairman and a member of the board of studies and examination for catering and hotel management at Periyar University and Bharathiar University.