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Environmental Biotechnology, 1/e  by B.C. Bhattacharya

Environmental Biotechnology, 1/e

12 Feb 2007
338  Pages
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Environmental Biotechnology is designed to meet the requirements of students of BSc, BTech, and MSc in biotechnology. It will also be useful to students pursuing biosciences.
"The book discusses the development, use, and regulation of biological systems for the remediation of contaminated environments and the conception of environment-friendly processes. The book begins with the definitions of relevant terms and a discussion on the different types of pollution and wastes. It provides an exhaustive coverage of the treatment of liquid and solid wastes, the economic and social aspects of waste treatment, and analytical methods for environmental monitoring. The text concludes with case studies on the design and economic evaluation of an integrated biogas plant for a dairy farm and design analysis of a community biogas plant design"

"•Incorporates a number of illustrations and photographs to supplement the text
•Includes a separate chapter on stoichiometry and reaction kinetics for the design of bioreactors
•Contains a glossary of relevant terms"

2.Classification and Characterization of Wastes
3.Scientific Aspects of Biological Waste Treatment for Biofuel Production
4.Analytical Techniques for Environmental Monitoring
5.Stoichiometry and Design Kinetics for Waste Treatment Processes
6.Design of Bioreactors for Liquid Waste Treatment
7.Solid Waste Management
8.Economical and Social Aspects of Waste Treatment
Index "

Rintu Banerjee a PhD in biotechnology, is currently Professor in the Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, and a fellow of the National Academy of Agricultural Science and the Biotechnology Research Society of India. She possesses US and Indian patents in the area of industrial enzyme production and applications.