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Robotics: Fundamental Concepts and Analysis, 1/e  by Ashitava Ghosal

Robotics: Fundamental Concepts and Analysis, 1/e

Author(s): Ashitava Ghosal
17 Feb 2006
440  Pages
Price:  450.00
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Robotics: Fundamental Concepts and Analysis introduces the science and engineering of robotics and provides in-depth coverage of mechanical manipulation.

"The book is designed to fully meet the requirements of undergraduate students of mechanical engineering for a course in robotics. With the inclusion of some key advanced topics, the book also serves as an introductory text for postgraduate students specializing in robotics. The book introduces the science and engineering of robotics and provides in-depth coverage of mechanical manipulation. It emphasizes the fundamental mathematical concepts and analytical tools required for a topic, develops the relevant theory and algorithms, and then illustrates the theory with the help of worked-out examples. The book presents all key areas of kinematics, dynamics, and control of manipulators in a single text and treats the kinematics and dynamics of serial and parallel manipulators in a unified way. Newer robotic architectures such as parallel manipulators, flexible manipulators, and mobile robots have also been discussed at length. The book also uses computational software such as MATLAB and MAPLE for problem solving. Written in a comprehensive and concise manner, the text is student friendly and includes several examples and exercise problems. "

  • Emphasizes the fundamental concepts and tools for analysis
  • Incorporates a lucid style of writing with easy-to-understand mathematics
  • Reinforces theoretical concepts through numerous examples
  • Includes a large number end-chapter exercises to test understanding
  • Provides insight into advanced topics such as flexible manipulators and mobile robots

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Mathematical Representation of Robots
Chapter 3. Kinematics of Serial Manipulators
Chapter 4. Kinematics of Parallel Manipulators
Chapter 5. Velocity Analysis and Statics of Manipulators
Chapter 6. Dynamics of Manipulators
Chapter 7. Trajectory Planning and Generation
Chapter 8. Position and Force Control of Manipulators
Chapter 9. Modelling and Control of Flexible Manipulators
Chapter 10. Modelling and Analysis of Wheeled Mobile Robots

Ashitava Ghosal Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India