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Wind Electrical Systems, 1/e  by S. N. Bhadra

Wind Electrical Systems, 1/e

29 Jul 2005
336  Pages
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Wind Electrical Systems is the first Indian textbook specifically covering issues concerning wind energy conversion.
"With its comprehensive treatment of topics, this book will benefit students as well as practising engineers working on wind energy. The book introduces the basics of wind energy and then discusses the conversion of wind energy into electrical energy, wind energy integration with the local grid, stand-alone generation and consumption, variable-speed wind generators, and hybrid power systems. The book assumes no prior knowledge in the field and therefore would also be suitable for readers with a non-electrical-engineering background. "

"• Provides in-depth coverage of topics.
• Incorporates contemporary analytical methods for studying the steady-state as well as dynamic behaviour of wind electrical systems.
• Includes recent developments sourced from research papers and conference proceedings.
• Includes a good number of worked out examples and exercise problems to reinforce concepts.
• Field experience from installations at Indian sites.
• Accompanied by a Solutions Manual

"1.Fundamentals of Wind Turbines.
2.Wind Site Analysis and Selection .
3.Basics of Induction and Synchronous Machines.
4.Power Electronics
5.Grid-connected and Self-excited Induction Generator Operation.
6.Generation Schemes with Variable-speed Turbines..
7.Hybrid Energy Systems.

D. Kastha a Ph D from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA, has been teaching at IIT Kharagpur for over ten years. His area of specialization is power electronics.

S. Banerjee has been teaching energy engineering at IIT Kharagpur for over 20 years. A senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), he has a large number of publications to his credit. He has received the Shanti Swarup Bhatnager Award for his research on non-linear dynamics.